Members attending Manheim Omaha will receive a $10.00 discount on their buy fees for the first unit purchased each week. This can add up to quite a savings for those members who attend Omaha every week.  Their consignment sale is on Thursdays at 9:30. You can reach them at 800-218-4192 for more information on upcoming sales.

A 10% discount on your open lot auto insurance is available to member dealers through Auto Owners Insurance. Steve Mason of Forsyth Insurance Agency in Lincoln was very instrumental in getting this deal put together for us. Steve is also our go-to guy for any of your insurance needs. Call him at 402-483-7861 if you have any questions on how he can save you money on any of your insurance needs.

Members are eligible to apply for Blue Cross and Blue Shield group health coverage insurance at special group rates. This is available to us through the Kirby Roth agency at 800-349-1357.

Members also receive a free subscription to the Used Car News and the Nebraska IADA newsletter.

Members can purchase all types of forms and dealer accessories at a discounted price from Nebraska Dealer Supplies. 5701 Russel Drive Lincoln NE 68507. Call 402-464-4482 to purchase your forms and you can also use your Visa or MasterCard. Forms are available to non-members at substantially higher rates.  To see a list of available forms be sure to check out the supplies section on this website.