NEIADA History

The Nebraska Independent Auto Dealers Association (NEIADA) is a professional trade association chartered as a non-profit 501(c)(6) corporation in 1976. 

NEIADA was formed in order to:

  • Foster a cooperative spirit between Independent Auto Dealers and the automobile industry as a whole.
  •  Remove, by concerted action, practices and customs that are contrary to good policy and sound business principles.
  • Secure, by every proper and legitimate means, wise and uniform Federal and State legislation and prevent so far as possible, unwise legislation that may tend to unjustly burden our industry
  • Address other purposes in a way, which is lawful and beneficial to the independent auto dealer and the auto industry.

NEIADA continues to serve Nebraska’s independent automobile dealer industry with a wide array of services, education, research, policy development and lobbying at the local, state and national level.

NEIADA employees and executive director/lobbyist who works with the Nebraska Legislature and its agencies to advocate for independent dealers on the state level. As an NEIADA member you are a member of the National Independent Auto Dealers Association (NIADA).

In addition, an annual convention is held to bring dealers and vendors together to share the newest and latest in business practices and technology.

Through NEIADA & NIADA you are offered many programs that have been negotiated with you, the independent dealer, in mind offering discounts on a variety of products and services you need daily to ensure your success.  

Check out the many programs that are available to NEIADA/NIADA members by clicking here

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